As we emerge from months of lockdown, we are hoping to resume regular sessions in September - with all due precautions in place. More details later.

In the meantime, our local Light Houses of Prayer are providing localised fellowship and prayer-time.
With proper social distancing etc, we are now resuming a small prayer fellowship gathering on Mondays, as we seek the Lord for fresh vision in these demanding times.
We are also sharing in weekly meetings with teaching on 'zoom' - please email for details.

If you would like to order CDs of a previous teaching session, or any that you missed before lockdown, these are still available on request for 2.50 each plus postage.

NEW: You can now order online. Click the Shop link.

See below for a sample of Jill's teaching from the series The Priestly Order of Melchizedek. The full set is available through the online Shop, both CDs and on memory sticks.